Touchpoint Evaluation

Enterprise growth depends on differentiated and consistent customer experience. Our proprietary tool will allow your organization to effectively optimize client engagements in real time.

Build A Direct Link To Your Client Experience

The Touchpoint Evaluation process measures the value and impact of client interactions for high-value sales in competitive financial services environments by providing an immediate and direct feedback link to clients. At its heart, it is an effective tool to support continuous improvement and customer engagement.

Listen to Environics Research VPs of Financial Services David MacDonald and Robert Stel to learn more about the benefits of this important tool.

The Touchpoint Evaluation Process

This powerful tool provides a clear measurement of the effectiveness of any client touchpoint, allowing organizations to make the right decisions based on real, unbiased feedback.

Learn more from David MacDonald and Rob Stel about how the Touchpoint Evaluation process works.

Real-time Feedback

This customizable salesforce evaluation framework easily integrates into your existing sales management program by allowing customers to provide feedback immediately following scheduled sales meetings.

The feedback and comments are then shared in real time with sales managers through a live dashboard, allowing your teams to quickly and effectively respond to issues and opportunities as they arise.

Put Your Performance In Context

The Touchpoint Evaluation framework is supported by Environics’ annual financial services brand benchmarking study, which tracks the performance and importance of key dimensions that drive sales and matter most to financial advisors, planners and insurance brokers.

Insights That Matter

The uses and benefits of the Touchpoint Evaluation process are multifaceted and can be seen across your entire organization. They include:

  • Real-time collection and response to customer feedback
  • Optimizing the effectiveness of high-value sales channels
  • Understanding the real links between contact and experience
  • Effective impact evaluation of tactical organizational changes
  • Gathering actionable data for coaching and development.
Environics’ Touchpoint Evaluation process offers timely insights into key attributes that are important to our customers at a grass roots level. The ability to review results with regularity provides us with the agility to create a better customer experience quickly.


—Lisa Trudell Vice President, National Sales


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