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What is PatientConnect™?

More and more, companies and organizations are recognizing that it’s the patient, rather than the product or service, that should be at the centre of their communication strategy. PatientConnect™ is a values-based segmentation that addresses that need by starting with the patient. It gives our clients the understanding they need to address the internal drivers that determine Canadians’ attitudes and behaviours as they relate to personal healthcare.

How does it work?

PatientConnect™ is unique because it is based on Environics’ proprietary values-based system, which has been developed over the past three decades to provide clients in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors with actionable research results based on a nuanced understanding of the total inner context in which individuals and groups respond to challenges and opportunities. This proprietary data allows us to segment patients into five distinct groups based on the opinions and perceptions we have collected over time.

Personal responsibility for health among PatientConnect™ segments

Responsible Proactives
Doctor's Disciples
Holistic Intuitives
Impulsive Fatalists
Anxious Avoiders
Greatest personal responsibility
Least personal responsibility

Using this segmentation PatientConnect™ can provide valuable insight on topics such as:

  • How much control do individuals feel they have over the state of their health?
  • How much confidence do they have in traditional medicine vs. alternative approaches?
  • How do they interact with physicians?
  • How much importance do they place on following treatment directives?
  • How can you communicate more effectively with Canadians on the use of medications?

What Can PatientConnect™ Do For You?

PatientConnect™ can be used in conjunction with your current marketing and communications strategies to enhance the effectiveness of programs in which you have already made significant investments of time and effort. It can also be used to develop a whole new approach to understanding Canadian patients. Some examples of more applications include:

  • Creating a patient-centric approach to meeting the objectives of your company or organization
  • Developing the content and tone that will get the attention of specific patient segments within the Canadian population
  • Targeting and selecting patients with specific mindsets and orientations to health and medications for research or marketing objectives
  • Anticipating market shifts
  • Understanding the patient values that drive – or are barriers to – Canadians’ uptake of your products and services

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