You can’t talk about an early millennial and a late millennial in the same breath and expect them to have the same point of view


Our Group VP of Financial Services, David MacDonald, and VP of Financial Services Rob Stel sat down for a candid discussion about Millennials, the social values that define them, their role in the financial services industry, and what financial advisors need to know when approaching this large and diverse cohort. In this three-part discussion series, David and Rob talk about the diversity of this unique population segment, their generational expectations, and how access to information has affected the values and behaviours.

Diversity of Values

In this first video, David and Rob discuss what defines the Millennial generation, how they are unique when compared with past generational cohorts, the diversity of their social values, and some of the financial challenges they’ve faced.

Generational Expectations

In this second video, David and Rob delve deeper into the values that drive Millennials, how they acquired them, and how their expectations and economic outlooks have affected these behaviours and world views.

Access to Information

For the final video of our three-part Understanding Millennials and Finance series, David and Rob talk about Millennials as agents of change, and how an unparalleled access to information and technology has affected their expectations.

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