1/3 of physicians are tweeting an average of 20+ tweets on oncology


Never would I think to see a scientific abstract at one of the premiere medical conferences dedicated to the use of Twitter by physicians, but here is the abstract on this very interesting study from the American Society of Clinical Oncology (http://abstracts.asco.org/144/AbstView_144_132049.html).


After reading the study, I know why this is now an important conversation to have and how well it illustrates how communication amongst the medical community is changing very rapidly.


This study showed that, from their study population, approximately 1/3 of physicians are tweeting an average of 20+ tweets on oncology. The bulk of these tweets are happening during medical conferences and during awareness months, which tend to drive higher engagement and more conversations.


While social media is a relatively new concept for the Medical Community, I personally am excited to see how this could change the landscape of patient care and information exchange amongst medical professionals. In a world where we are constantly sharing, I can only hope that this sharing allows for greater collaboration among physicians and development of better treatments for patients.


We at Environics have been thinking about this new phenomenon and how our MDConnect™ segmentation can shed further light on what is happening out there in the medical community in terms of both rates of participation and trends in the content of tweets. Look for more on this in future blogs.


What are your thoughts on Social Media use within the Medical Community? How do you think this will change the health care industry? Share your thoughts below.

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