Ridesharing Now for BC recently commissioned Environics Research to conduct a survey of Vancouver residents regarding their attitudes, opinions and perceptions about issues related to ridesharing and potential regulations.


Key findings of our survey results included:

  • Six in ten residents want Uber and Lyft to operate in BC as soon as possible, while a further two in ten want them to operate by the end of the year.
  • Support for ridesharing in BC is strong among supporters of all political parties.
  • Residents’ top priorities for ridesharing include drivers meeting regulated safety standards, knowing prices up front and affordability.
  • Fewer than four in ten residents are concerned that ridesharing services would make congestion worse.
  • Almost all residents say that ridesharing services will make it easier to get a ride, make it safer to leave bars and restaurants late at night, and that it will be easier to get around without owning a vehicle.

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