Environics understands the importance of new Canadian clients to Canada’s financial institutions and has been conducting its syndicated study, Financial Services Among New Canadians, since 2010. The new 2016 study tracks key performance measures, including penetration, satisfaction, use of financial products and services, and first bank relationship and decision-making dynamics among Canada’s key growth segments. More than that though, it identifies important trends and changes in consumer mindsets and behaviours in the increasingly competitive financial services landscape in Canada. The study has been broken down into two exclusive reports – The Newcomer Report and The Chinese and South Asian Canadians Report.


The Newcomer Report :

With a focus on the total past 10-year newcomer market and paying specific attention to past 1-year new arrivals and first Canadian bank account opening dynamics, Environics Research will conduct an online survey with a total of 1,000 recent immigrants who landed in Canada no more than 10 years ago.

Tenure Quotas:
0-1 year – 200
2 years – 200
3 years – 200
4-5 years – 200
6-10 years – 200
Ethnicity Quotas:
South Asian – 250
Chinese – 250
Filipino – 250
Other – 250
Regional Quotas:
Ontario – 300
Quebec – 300
British Columbia – 300
Alberta, Manitoba & Saskatchewan – 300

The Chinese and South Asian Canadians Report:

With a focus on the two largest cultural groups in Canada and the ability to deep dive by tenure, region and other subgroups of interest (e.g. Cantonese vs. Mandarin speaking Chinese), Environics Research will conduct an online survey with a total of 1,000 recent immigrants (500 each for Chinese and South Asian) who landed in Canada no more than 10 years ago.

Tenure Quotas:
0-3 years – 150
4-10 years – 100
11+ years – 250
Regional Quotas:
Ontario – 150
British Columbia – 150
Quebec – 150
Alberta – 150

*All survey participants will be at least 18 years of age, and also identify as one of the decision-makers for their personal or household financial needs. Participants will have the choice of responding to the survey in one of the following languages/scripts: English, French, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese. Results will be weighted using census data projected to 2016 by ethnicity/source country, tenure and region.

Subscribers to the 2016 study can also choose to add additional modules or proprietary questions to meet their specific needs, for example temporary residents, general population, etc.

Information Scope
Financial goals and attitudes towards managing finances
Overall market penetration of financial institutions
Market penetration of financial institutions by product
Satisfaction with, and likelihood to recommend, current main financial institution, and likelihood to consider other financial institutions when new needs arise
Use of financial products and services
First bank dynamics among Canadians who have been in Canada for no more than 5 years
Key demographic characteristics
Confirmation of participation: by November 1, 2015
Fieldwork: to be completed by mid-February, 2016
Syndicated report: end of March, 2016


The 2016 study subscribers could choose from the following options:

Core Study
The Newcomer Report: $55,000
The South Asian and Chinese Canadians Report: $55,000
Both reports: $90,000
Proprietary Questions*
Close-ended: $1,500 each
Open-ended: $2,500 each

*Available only to core study subscribers

The above prices are in Canadian dollars, excluding HST. Invoicing will be 50% upon subscription and 50% upon delivering the final report.

Costs for additional modules are available upon request.

A detailed report in PowerPoint
A custom presentation in Toronto
Detailed computer tabulations

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