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What is MDConnect™?

MDConnect™ was created by Environics Research in partnership with QuintilesIMS, a nationally respected provider of healthcare data, software, research, and consulting services. Through this partnership we have developed a unique segmentation tool that combines Environics robust values-based segmentation model and physician-level data from QuintilesIMS to create a predictive analytics model that helps clients create in-depth portraits of all individual physicians across Canada who are both specialists and GPs. These physician portraits look at both GPs and specialists according to:

  • Their understanding of their role as physicians
  • How and why they approach treatments and treatment algorithms with their patients
  • Their feelings of efficiency, control, and function of their practices
  • Whether they take a collaborative or a hierarchical approach to their relationships with patients

How does it work?

MDConnect™ measures a range of values dimensions and, with the help of advanced statistical analysis, determines the two dimensions that most powerfully differentiate physicians: how they view their role as a physician/what motivated them to become a physician and their sense of personal control. When we map physicians along these two dimensions we find four distinct groups.

(High Adaptability)
(Patient Focused
With Humanitarian Motivation)
(Status Oriented
With Status Motivations)
(Low Adaptability)

What Can MDConnect™ Do For You?

Each of the four MDConnect™ segments holds a distinct set of attitudes and motivations. Understanding the values held by these distinct segments is key to building strong relationships with customers by connecting with them in a relevant and personal way.

MDConnect™ is not only a sales and communication tool, but also a strategic tool used to better allocate resources to ensure the highest ROI on marketing initiatives.

How Effective Is MDConnect™?

MDConnect™’s methodology is rooted in over four decades of Social Values Segmentation Research. It draws from the fields of sociology, social psychology, and cognitive science to group physicians, not just according to their attitudes toward pharma products, but according to deeper orientations. Using big data and predictive analytical modelling, we’ve classified over 96% of all physicians across Canada using the MDConnect Segmentation system and this model has been proven to be over 85% accurate.

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