From October 7th to 9th 2015, ISO representatives from up to 18 countries will meet in Toronto to propose a draft of the ISO 19731 quality standard for Digital Analytics and Web Analyses in Market, Opinion and Social Research. This marks the second time that the global team meets in Toronto, the first being in 2010.


The three-day meeting is supported by MRIA, ESOMAR, Environics Research, Research Now and TNS.


These standards focus on procedures and practices for newer digital areas within marketing research, such as web tracking, social media listening, metered panels, tag-based measurement and other similar methodologies. The team has been working on this specific set of standards since 2014 in order to reflect the evolving nature of marketing research beyond traditional qualitative and quantitative research.


The meeting will also include a discussion of the existing standards, including ISO 20252 and ISO 26362, in order to identify areas that may need updates, expansions or connections.


Currently chaired by Annie Pettit (Peanut Labs, a Research Now company), the Canadian Advisory Committee working to review, provide comment on, and help draft these standards include Don Ambrose (Consumer Contact), Christian Bourque (Leger), John Crockett (Environics Research) and Cam Davis (Social Data Research), with Mark Wood (TNS) serving as the MRIA liaison.


While the codes developed by ESOMAR, MRIA and individual country marketing research associations deal primarily with ethical and legal issues, ISO quality standards focus directly on the procedures and processes needed to ensure an acceptable level of quality in the resulting research findings.


“It’s a great pleasure to reach this step,” said Don Ambrose, newly-elected International Chair of TC 225. “In order to ensure our industry remains up-to-date with the evolving state of research methodologies, we must focus not only on the ethical standards appropriate to new digital methodologies, but also define the processes and practices that will lead to higher quality outcomes, consistently around the world. These new standards will help both clients and vendors achieve a level of transparency and understanding in order to properly assess and implement our evolving techniques.”


About ISO

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an independent, non-governmental membership organization and the world’s largest developer of voluntary international quality standards. ISO/TC 225 is scoped with the standardization of requirements for organizations and professionals conducting market, opinion and social research around the world. ISO 20252:2012 is the standard for market, opinion and social research. ISO 26362:2009 is the standard for access panels in market, opinion and social research.


About MRIA

The Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) is a Canadian not-for-profit association representing all aspects of the market intelligence and survey research industry, including social research, competitive intelligence, data mining, insight and knowledge management. Members include over 1,400 practitioners, small to large research houses, and the many buyers of research services, such as financial institutions, major retailers, insurance companies and manufacturers. The industry accounts for almost three quarters of a billion dollars in market research activities annually.


Press Contact:

Don Ambrose

International Chair

ISO/TC 225 Market, opinion and social research



Annie Pettit


Canadian Advisory Committee to ISO/TC225

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