On October 22, Ontarians will elect new municipal leaders, including mayors and councillors, to guide their communities for the next four years. For local and regional governments – as well as any organization that regularly interacts with municipalities – the days and weeks following the municipal election are a critical opportunity to take stock of citizens’ expectations and priorities for the next four years:

  • How satisfied are residents with service delivery by their cities and regions?
  • Which municipal/regional services drive perceptions of value for tax dollars?
  • What emerging policy issues are shaping resident expectations for the upcoming mandate?

Survey Details

Environics’ Focus GTA survey is a timely opportunity to provide the next wave of municipal decision-makers with actionable insights regarding citizens’ priorities.

This survey provides community-level insights and regional benchmarks regarding a wide range of relevant topics, including municipal/regional performance, value for taxes, quality of life, communications and service delivery. Each wave of Focus GTA also includes tailored questions that touch upon emerging issues. This upcoming wave will include research focused on:

  • Public perceptions regarding the local impact of cannabis legalization
  • Views regarding local responsibilities for mental health supports and efforts to prevent social marginalization/radicalization

Subscriber options

Subscribers can ask their own proprietary questions that are specific to their constituencies. Results from these questions are offered at a reduced cost for subscribers and are the property of subscribers.

Subscribers also have the opportunity to boost the number of interviews in specific municipalities/regions, allowing for more robust comparisons within the municipality and/or between that area/region and other parts of the GTA.

A subscription for this foundational post-election edition of the study includes the following value-added deliverables:

  • A one-year subscription to the Focus GTA survey, including reports for both fall 2018 and spring 2019 waves.
  • An infographic of study data for quick reference.
  • Three closed-ended proprietary questions on either the fall 2018 or spring 2019 wave.

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