Approval rating of 97% still unbelievably optimistic says insider



2017 was a year of great change in North America, in leadership, in policy and in investment advice. Surprisingly, in a year full of turmoil Canadians’ confidence in their financial advisors remained strangely steady, almost unbelievably high.


A survey conducted by Environics Research for Pointman! News Creation shows that an average of only 3% of Canadians who use financial advisors were dissatisfied with the services they received. Those results are almost identical to a survey in 2016 which asked the same questions.


There was one important area where Canadians did see some change – they now know more about what their financial advisors are invested in.  In the first poll, only 26% of respondents had some idea what their advisors invest in and 57% of respondents said they hadn’t even thought to ask.  A year later, 33% of respondents said they knew what their advisors are invested in and only 48% were too shy to ask.


Key Findings of the Survey


We trust ourselves with our money more than anyone else … especially if we are men

  • When asked “Who do you feel is most capable of helping you invest or manage your money most effectively?” 43% of Canadians said “I am” Men were more likely than women to believe in their own financial acumen (47% vs 38%)


All or nothing – Canadians are either complacent or believe they have the best financial advisors in the world

  • 37% of respondents say they work with a financial advisor and most appear to be extremely satisfied
  • When questioned on various aspects of service, shockingly only an average of 3% indicated they were dissatisfied
  • the 2017 survey results were extremely similar to those the year before, in spite of media reports highlighting questionable sales practices in the financial services industry


Professionals are trusted most to make sound financial decisions

  • Accountants and financial planners topped the trust pack again at 61% and 60% respectively
  • City Counsellors (2%) MP’s (2%) Realtors (3%) and the PM (4%) were at the bottom of the trust heap
  • Spouses ranked in the middle at 39%


Canadians are finally bolder when asking questions and/or their advisors are sharing

  • The number of Canadians who know about their financial advisors’ personal investment choices rose from 26% to 33%
  • Fewer people said they had not asked their advisors about their investments in 2017.  (48% vs. 57%)
  • Women are more likely than men to say they have not asked their advisor about their own investments (54% vs 43%)


About the survey
Environics Research was commissioned to conduct this online survey by Pointman! News Creation. The survey was conducted among 1,030 adults from Monday, August 26th – Thursday, August 31st, 2017. In order to qualify respondents had to be 18 years of age older and reside in Canada.


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