Tuesday March 15, 2016 – The Environics Research Corporate and Public Affairs team is pleased to announce the official launch of Environics Talks Uber – an online discussion platform created and operated by Environics Research to facilitate a dialogue with Canadians about the ride-sharing app, Uber. This is an opportunity for all Canadians to voice their opinions and add to the ride-sharing debate, currently taking place in many municipalities.


We will be constantly monitoring and analyzing the discussions that take place, and updating the discussion topics and information resources as the issue evolves. Keep coming back for the latest analysis and insights, including poll results, discussion analysis and top-rated ideas generated by the community! Sign up today at


The Environics Talks Uber discussion platform is powered by MindMixer, and is not affiliated with, or sponsored by, any of the transportation stakeholders or governments currently involved in this issue. It is an independent initiative undertaken by Environics Research to talk with Canadians about the impact of Uber in municipalities and how – or if – Canadians wish to see it added to their local transit options.


**UPDATE: The Environics Talks Uber discussion is currently closed. **


For questions, comments or inquiries about Environics Talks Uber, please contact:


Jodi Shanoff

VP – Consultation and Engagement, Environics Research

(416) 969-2456


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