Toronto, August 25, 2015 – Environics Analytics (EA), the marketing services and data analytics company, today announced the release of WealthScapes 2015, the most comprehensive database available on the assets, liabilities and wealth of Canadians. The latest edition has been expanded this year to include 178 key financial and investment statistics, including new categories of data such as employer pension plans, tax-free savings accounts (TFSAs) and registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) contributions.


To learn more about WealthScapes 2015, you’re invited to attend a free webinar on Wednesday, August 26, at 2:00 p.m. ET. Please register here.


Now in its eighth year, WealthScapes has proven to be a valuable tool for helping financial institutions, charitable organizations and large retailers better understand the financial and investment behaviour of their customers. Banks and investment companies use the database to market and calculate market share and potential sales for specific products like mortgages, mutual funds and GICs. Universities and charities use it to identify high-value donors from fundraising lists and areas that may be home to prospects with sizable investment portfolios. Retailers and real estate developers draw on WealthScapes data to plan commercial and residential developments and attract retail tenants.


As with previous releases, WealthScapes was built using sophisticated modelling techniques and aggregated, privacy-compliant, small-area data from a variety of authoritative sources, such as the Bank of Canada, Equifax and Statistics Canada. Applicable to every six-digit postal code in the country, the variables used in WealthScapes have been created to match the best available control totals in Canada so that they will be accepted by Chief Economists.


This year, EA added more than 50 variables to WealthScapes 2015, and users now have access to previously unavailable data on TFSAs, private pension values and RRSP contributions. The new data enhance such standard variables as income and income distributions, disposable and discretionary income, savings by type, investments by type, RSP components, mortgages, loans, lines of credit and credit card accounts. The expanded dataset provides users with more details into the financial health of Canadian households to help them develop differentiated marketing strategies, targeted products and effective messages that address customers’ changing needs.


“The new numbers indicate that Canadian household balance sheets are in good shape,” says Peter Miron, senior research associate at EA and lead developer of WealthScapes 2015. The database shows that net worth rose 6.1 percent during 2014 while debt remained in check, increasing only 2.9 percent; at the same time, real estate values grew 5.0 percent, indicating a solid but not overheated market. “These data are relied on by the financial sector and are becoming increasingly valuable to marketers and analysts in all industries,” adds Miron.


Highlights and maps of findings from WealthScapes 2015 are available here.


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