Almost every Canadian organization is aware that, for them to grow and even survive, it is imperative to respond to Canada’s growing sociocultural diversity. With 1.8 million South Asians and 1.5 million Chinese in Canada, new Canadians represent a valuable segment of prospective donors.

In a 2010 study of immigrants’ charitable giving, a few findings include:


  • Immigrant donors give more on average than Canadian-born donors
  • Even at lower levels of household income, immigrants give more
  • Long-term immigrants are more likely to give than recent immigrants


This segment is important for charitable organizations, not only to grow their donor bases, but also to benefit a wider range of Canadians with their good causes. Like many organizations in Canada, charitable organizations that are able to attract a diverse donor base are likely to be among the most successful, especially in major cities like Toronto and Vancouver, where the majority of new Canadians reside.


Canadian charities need answers to questions such as:


  • Is my charitable organization known or relevant to different cultural communities?
  • Do I need a different strategy to account for distinct donation behaviours and attitudes?
  • Are my current ‘mainstream’ donation campaigns reaching and impacting cultural communities?
  • What are key motivators that trigger Chinese and South Asian Canadians to donate?
  • How can I best reach and appeal to new Canadians?


This unique data-driven report answers these questions for the largest ethnic cultural segments—Chinese and South Asian Canadians—and provides clear guidance on:


  • Awareness and attitudes towards charitable organizations
  • Solicitation strategies in Chinese and South Asian communities
  • Positioning and communication to resonate with each cultural community
Information Scope:
Donation Drivers
Charitable Organizations Awareness & Affinity
Donation History (including frequency, amount & method of donation)
Media use
Key Demographic Characteristics
Additional Customized Module: Campaign/Ad Awareness

Methodology & sample frame

The report will be based on results collected via an online survey conducted in English, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

The sample for the survey for the Charitable Giving among Chinese and South Asian New Canadians study will be structured as follows:

South Asian  380 190 190
1-3 years tenure 60 30 30
4-6 years tenure 60 30 30
7-10 years tenure 60 30 30
11+ years tenure 200 100 100
Chinese  380 190 190
1-3 years tenure 60 30 30
4-6 years tenure 60 30 30
7-10 years tenure 60 30 30
11+ years tenure 200 100 100
Total 760 380 450
Syndicated Report: $16,000
Customized Modules
(in addition to syndicated)
Campaign/Ad Awareness Module: $6,000
Customized Analysis Reports: $4,000
Custom Proprietary Question:

  • $1,000 per close-ended question
  • $1,500 per open-ended question
Commitment to subscribe: August 2016
Survey in field: September 2016
Report: October 2016

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