About the study

As a world leader in the study of social values, Environics Research holds unique insights into the things Canadians hold most important in their lives. For over 30 years, we’ve been conducting an annual study to track and build a database of Canadian values; now, we’re building on our understanding to take a closer look at the quickly expanding sector of financial technologies. With our Canadian FinTech Syndicated Study, subscribers will gain a unique understanding of not only who is adopting these new FinTech products, but the underlying social values that are driving them to do so and why.

How can Social Values help us understand FinTech users?

By returning to participants of our annual Social Values study, we can speak directly to a relevant sample of Canadians we already know to be technologically-savvy consumers, based on their underlying values. By utilizing these pre-segmented participants and comparing our known tech-savvy Canadians with a more general Canadian population, we are able to build a greater understanding of likely FinTech adopters, where to find them and how to approach them about new advancements.

Services we will examine:

Everyday Banking
Payment Services
Money Transfer
Wealth Management
Financial Planning

Topics we will examine:

  • Confidence and attitudes towards technology, FinTechs and start-ups
  • Awareness and usage of FinTech
  • Barriers and concerns about using FinTech
  • Profiles of FinTech users vs. non-FinTech users
  • Market share of FinTech players vs. incumbents

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