The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) has released a report based on the results of an Environics Research study of professionals about precarious working conditions. The report, No Safe Harbour: Precarious Work and Economic Insecurity among Skilled Professionals in Canada, covers a range of issues related to precarious work in Canada; and findings include:

  • Twenty-six percent of precarious professionals work full-time, though most go contract-to-contract (37%) or work part-time (34%).
  • The majority (60%) of precarious professionals don’t have a pension plan or RRSP, nor do they get sick pay.
  • Precarious professionals exist in both the private (40%) and public (30%) sectors.
  • Precarious professionals can be found in all professions, but they’re concentrated in three occupational categories: education (28%), health care (18%), and business, finance and administration (19%).
  • The majority of precarious professionals are women (60%); and there is a higher incidence among professionals aged 55 and up.

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