Almost every Canadian organization is aware that, for them to grow and even survive, it is imperative to respond to Canada’s growing sociocultural diversity. Consumer spending among the Canadian visible minority population will increase by 66% over the next five years, compared to only 14% for the rest of the population.


For the beverage category, this task is even more vital. Large households headed by the adult foreign-born population account for a significant proportion of grocery spending. But the task of developing a strategy to connect to Canada’s myriad of cultural communities is daunting.


Canadian companies need answers to questions such as:


  • Is my current ‘mainstream’ marketing strategy reaching and impacting cultural communities? 
  • Does my category over or under index among different cultural communities? 
  • Do I need a different strategy to account for distinct consumer behaviours and attitudes?
  • Are my brands known or relevant to different cultural communities?


This unique data-driven report answers these questions for the largest ethnic cultural segments—Chinese and South Asian Canadians—and provides clear guidance on:


  • Product innovation to address unmet needs
  • Renovation of existing brands and products
  • Positioning & communication to resonate with each cultural community
Research Objectives:
Frequency of consumption & purchase for beverage types
Preferred formats and flavours
Brand specific metrics for your brand and key competitors:

  • Under & over index of key brands
  • Likelihood to purchase
  • Channels used
  • Ad awareness
Media use

Method & Sample Frame: 

The report will be based on results collected via an online survey conducted in English and Traditional & Simplified Chinese.

The sample for the survey for the Beverage Category Multicultural Strategy Report will be structured as follows:

General Population 200 100 10
Chinese 300 150 150
1st Gen 0 – 10 years 100 50 50
1st Gen 11+ years 100 50 50
2nd Gen or more 100 50 50
South Asian 300 150 150
1st Gen 0 – 10 years 100 50 50
1st Gen 11+ years 100 50 50
2nd Gen or more 100 50 50
Total 800 400 400
Category Level Results Only – $5000
Category and Brand Results – $12000

*Cost per custom proprietary question: $1,000. Custom studies also available.

Reporta available by end of July 2016

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