These numbers indicate a lively and sustained conversation at ASCO this year


This year’s ASCO conference saw an astounding  42,000 or so tweets, compared to last year’s  5,600 for the span of the conference.


In total we had almost 8,000 tweeters, quadruple last year’s 2,000 users.  That’s about 5 tweets per participant, almost double that of last year’s 3 tweets per user. Not only are more people talking, but they also appear to be talking more.


The highest # of tweets were on the 2nd day of the conference, at around 11 am May 31st with 1,213 tweets. Saturday’s focus was on lung cancer, with outcomes of docetaxel and ramucirumab as second-line therapy for non-small cell lung cancer, and smaller data trials in breast, prostate and colorectal cancer.


Comparatively, last year’s highest peak fell on its last day, a half day with 279 tweets.




Above, you can see the consistent conversation volume on each day of the conference.


These numbers indicate a lively and sustained conversation at ASCO this year, but our analysis on last week’s twitter activity suggests there may be more to consider.


The range of information shared spawned all forms of media with the expected abstracts, to newly visualized infographics (Pfizer’s 50 Years of Cancer Research and Counting) and educational videos  (Roche’s Clinical Trials) that were at one point or another, trending links within the #ASCO14 conversation. These materials were created by pharma companies that clearly understand social media is a growing tool for outreach.


Still, the numbers are showing an incredibly engaging discussion even among physicians around the benefits of social media (Mathew Katz’ Benefits of Social Media also trended as a top link, @subatomicdoc).


Next year’s ASCO conference will likely promise an even wider, louder, and more interactive conversation. Already this year participants to ASCO were encouraged to register their twitter handle on their visitor badges, with planned tweet chats each day.


Environics will continue to be a part of, as well as monitor the conversation, in next year’s #ASCO15 event.

  • Amy Nguyen
    Amy NguyenProject Manager

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