Interested in learning more about the opportunity to attract potential Canadian newcomers ahead of their arrival and understand their journeys and decision-making process? Our syndicated pre-arrival study explores financial attitudes and behaviours of pre-arrival immigrants from top source regions including the Philippines, China (mainland), and South Asia (India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh).

Topics Of Exploration

Banking Habits / Financial Attitudes
  • Current banks (any and main financial institutions)
  • Satisfaction
  • Most used and preferred channels (in-branch, telephone, mobile, online)
  • Products usage (day-to-day, investment, borrowing products, etc.)
  • Payment service usage (including digital / apps)
  • International money transfer behaviours
  • Mobile banking (brands, services or products, frequency, motivations, etc.)
  • Advisor usage
  • Financial attitudes and needs
Social Media & Financial technology usage
  • Awareness & usage of financial apps
  • Awareness of social media
  • Frequency of social media / financial app usage
  • Digital financial product purchase behaviours (websites, apps)
  • Reasons and barriers for online / mobile banking usage
  • Fintech product decision-making process (why this app? This company? Why not traditional banks? etc.)
Classification / Demographic
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Family makeup
  • Family in Canada
  • Close friends in Canada
  • Occupation
  • Current income range
  • Education level
  • Current assets amount
  • Amount of assets they plan to bring over
Financial Services in Canada
  • Awareness & perception of Canadian and international financial institutions
  • Likelihood to open accounts from overseas (online account opening or opening via local bank)
  • Overseas account opening experience
  • Intentions to open first Canadian bank account
  • Levels of trust in online account opening (overseas)
  • Factors of consideration when opening an account
  • Interest in financial products in Canada
  • Financial goals and needs in Canada
  • Understanding of credit history
Immigration Journey / Motivations
  • Immigration programs / streams
  • Motivations of immigration
  • Destinations (province, urban vs. rural)
  • Estimated time of arrival
  • Expectations in Canada (compared to their experience in home countries)
  • Friends and family in Canada – how much did that influence decision?
  • Top concerns or fears in general (i.e. jobs, houses)
  • Top concerns regarding financial management in Canada
  • Financial advice / information that they would like to receive
  • Plans for next five years (big picture) – financial goals
  • Ideas for how Canadian financial institutions can help their settlement

Sample Composition

Region Country Language Basic Option
Mainland China China Simpified Chinese 100 150
South Asia India, Pakistan, Bangledesh English 100 150
Philippines Philippines English / Tagalog 100 150

Our comprehensive option provides statistically more stable results and gives you the ability to look at the data by key subgroup and compare the differences (i.e. by immigration program.)


Questionnaire design in consultation with client
Programming of surveys in English, Simplified Chinese, and Tagalog
Survey execution
A detailed report in PowerPoint and computer tabulations
An in-person presentation in Toronto

Study Schedule

Tasks Timing
Client commitment by March 30, 2018
Questionnaire design begins April 2, 2018
Clients add their proprietary questions (if needed) April 9, 2018
Questionnaire approval and editing begins April 16, 2018
Questionnaire translation, programming, pre-testing begins April 23, 2018
Fieldwork begins April 30, 2018
Analysis/reporting begins May 28, 2018
Presentation and discussion TBD

Study Costs

Options Price
Basic Option: 300 pre-arrivals $52,000
Comprehensive: 450 pre-arrivals $72,000
Additional Items
Proprietary Close-Ended Question $1,500
Proprietary Open-Ended Question $2,000
Additional Proprietary Answer Choice $300
Additional Professional Time
A day of an associate’s professional time $1,500
Customized Report (~40-45 slides or 80 hours of associate time) $15,000
  • The cost includes the language option of English, Simplified Chinese, and Tagalog
  • All costs are exclusive of 13% HST.
  • It is Environics’ practice to bill 50% upon confirmation of the project, with the balance due upon satisfactory completion of the project.
  • Customized report – Number of pages estimated above is for actual analysis that require looking at data tables. We will not be charging for title page, table of contents and other “general” pages.

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