Environmental Barometer

Tracking Canadian Attitudes on Environmental And Energy Issues

Find Out Where Canadians Stand On The Environment And Energy

Running regularly since 2007, this biannual tracking study provides subscribers with important ongoing intelligence and insights into Canadian public opinion on environmental and energy issues.

The Fullest Possible Picture

By surveying a representative sample of 2,000 Canadians twice annually, we’re able to capture the full spectrum of Canadian perspectives on environmental issues as they evolve in response to domestic and global events, government and business initiatives, and economic conditions. Our Environmental Barometer reporting includes:

  • Ongoing tracking of key public opinion indicators
  • Meaningful emerging trend analysis for ahead of the curve insights
  • Canadian responses to key events, recent issues and new initiatives
  • In-depth pictures of Canadian views on specific environmental issues at the national and provincial/regional levels

Concise Reporting On A Range Of Topics

Our opinion tracking spans a range of environmental topics and draws on over a decade of public opinion data. Topics include public perceptions of:

  • Climate Change
  • Oil Sands
  • Pipelines
  • Carbon Pricing
  • Renewable Energy
  • Policy Approaches

The Latest Insights On Emerging Issues

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely altered the national conversation, but how has this shift affected Canadians’ views on the environment? Are Canadians more interested in planning ahead for climate change after seeing what happens when preparations are not made? Do Canadians support the idea of a “green recovery”? Will the public be asking more from the government or business in regard to this preparation? All of these questions will be explored in the upcoming edition of our Environmental Barometer.

A Decision-Maker Must-Have

Insights form this study give organizations – including governments, and the private and non-profit sectors – the understanding they need to bring Canadians on board with the transition to a low-emission, clean growth and sustainable society by answering questions like:

  • Where does the public stand now (their awareness, understanding, beliefs and assumptions) and who is our target audience?
  • What are the barriers to change (concerns, risks, threats)?
  • What are their expectations, what do they want to happen and who do they feel is responsible for bringing this about?
  • How do we communicate with them, persuade and motivate?

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Our recently updated tracking study on energy issues reveals that a majority of Canadians continue to support the development of the oil sands and the construction of pipelines to move product.

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For more than a decade, Environics has been tracking Canadian opinions about the environment, climate change and related issues.

Canadians Remain On Board With Energy Projects

With the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline placed in limbo, the majority of Canadians still agree with the federal government’s belief that economic vitality and environmental protection [...]

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