Mobility Services

Understanding today’s transportation needs & tomorrow’s solutions

Technology, policy and culture are driving massive changes around the concept of human mobility and transportation. Our Mobility Services practice area equips policy-makers, businesses and organizations with intelligence that enables data-driven decisions in an ever-evolving transportation landscape. By leveraging traditional market research and stakeholder engagement, alongside advanced digital analytics, we can provide the clarity and strategic insights your organization needs to move forward.

Here are just some of the specific capabilities and insights we’ve provided:

Next Stop: Data-Driven Customer Service! – MRIA2016

Environics Research’s John Crocket and the TTC’s Viktoriya Artemyeva present a series of innovative methodologies used to help the TTC adapt to it’s customer’s changing needs at the MRIA 2016 [...]

Environics Talks Uber: Opinions In The GTA

Environics Research’s recent Focus GTA survey of 1,005 Toronto-area adults provides a detailed analysis of citizens’ attitudes towards Uber. It finds that a majority of adults living in the GTA [...]

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