A Patient-Centric Approach

Powerful Patient Engagement

Healthcare decision-making has changed, with patients taking increased ownership over the process. PatientConnect™ reflects this market shift by allowing organizations to put patients at the centre of their communication and marketing strategies. This values-based segmentation tool will provide your organization with a deeper understanding of the attitudes and behaviours that drive your patients’ decision-making process.

Driven by Social Values Data

This unique tool has been created using Environics’ proprietary Social Values methodology, which has been proven to provide our clients with an actionable and nuanced understanding of customer attitudes and motivations. This foundational understanding allows us to accurately assess the deeper values of patients, and segment them into five distinct groups based on the opinions and perceptions we have collected over time.

A Deeper Understanding

PatientConnect™ can provide answers and valuable insights in an increasingly complex healthcare environment on topics such as:

  • Perceived control over health
  • Confidence in traditional medicine vs. alternative approaches
  • Physician interactions
  • The importance of following treatment directives
  • Effective medication usage communications

Pinpoint Accuracy

PatientConnect™ goes beyond just understanding and identifying your most winnable customers by building patient profiles that allow your organization to reach those customers for increased engagement and laser-focused media spends. Our patient profiles support targeting strategies through:

  • Demographics
  • Psychographics
  • Behavioural profiling
  • Geo-targeting integrations

Journey Mapping

PatientConnect™ segmentations also allow your organization to build a foundation for mapping your patients’ journeys, while pinpointing gaps and pain points along the way. This mapping process allows you to more effectively acquire and retain patients through better understanding for more actionable planning.

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