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Powerful Physician Targeting

This powerful physician segmentation tool will provide you with in-depth profiles of individual physicians – both GPs and specialists – across Canada, to better understand their underlying attitudes and motivations.

Listen to VP of Health and Wellness Vijay Wadhawan explain the impact MDConnect™ can have on your organization.

Driven by Data

Our methodology utilizes a nationwide survey of top-prescribing physicians to measure a range of social values. Based on this, MDConnect™ is able to segment 95% of all physicians in Canada into one of four value groups.

Each of our physician value segments provides in-depth psychographic profiles of their deepest attitudes and motivations that ultimately drive their decision-making.

Building Connections

By understanding the distinct attitudes and motivations of physicians, our clients are able to build stronger relationships with their customers by connecting with them in a relevant and personal way, and more effectively customize their campaigns. MDConnect™ is not only a sales and communication tool, but a strategic one used to better allocate resources to ensure the highest ROI on marketing initiatives.

  • Guide market strategies
  • Map customer journeys
  • Anticipate trends in the healthcare provider market
  • Develop more effective messaging and communications

Strategy and Consultation

Our in-depth understanding of the health and wellness landscape in Canada allows us to go beyond just providing you with data. We work with our clients as partners. By helping you to fully understand the 360° physician journey, we can unlock new actionable planning opportunities that will improve the overall customer experience with your brand, and better acquire and retain your customers.

Proven Accuracy

MDConnect™’s methodology is rooted in over four decades of Social Values Segmentation Research. Using big data and predictive analytical modelling, we’ve classified over 95% of all physicians across Canada, and this model has been proven to be over 85% accurate.

This highly effective and powerful segmentation tool, along with our actionable strategy and consultation services, will save you time, money and resources while minimizing the use of unnecessary customer surveys.

In the fast pace world in which we are all moving, where we are more connected through technology than ever before, it is far too easy to be disconnected and distracted from our values. MDConnect™ enables us to have more meaningful connections with our diverse customers, to better understand their needs. The MDConnect™ framework has helped us to align, and be agile in, our thinking to better serve our customer.

—Integrated Brand and Customer Planning Manager

Find out how MDConnect™ can help with your organization

MDConnect™ was created by Environics Research in partnership with IQVIA, a nationally respected provider of healthcare data, software, research and consulting services. Through this partnership, we have developed a unique segmentation tool that combines our robust values-based segmentation model with physician-level data from IQVIA.

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