Cultural Markets

Connecting with cultural communities

As industry-leading experts, we are able to provide essential insights for market growth among Chinese, South Asian, Filipino and other key ethno-cultural populations in Canada. Our book, Migration Nation, is a must-have for anyone wanting to connect with Canada’s diverse cultural communities.

Here are just some of the specific capabilities and insights we’ve provided our clients as well as the syndicated studies we are currently offering:

Insights & Capabilities

The New Canadian Newcomer Finance Story

Rather than observing more of the same struggling newcomer narrative over and over, our team has discovered a new story emerging—one that tells the tale of a more prepared population.

Environics Lunch Event: The New Chinese Consumer

A presentation on the New Chinese Consumer given to guests at an Environics Lunch Event by Priscilla Sze, owner of our partner company, N-Dynamic Market Research & Consultancy in Shanghai.

Diwali In Canada: Are Canadian Companies Capitalizing?

Diwali is one of the most important holidays among Indo-Canadians, giving Canadian Companies a huge opportunity to build a rapport with one of the largest and fastest growing cultural groups in Canada.

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Syndicated Studies

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