Corporate & Public Affairs

Finding clarity in complex viewpoints

Environics’ Corporate and Public Affairs practice provides research-based insights and advice to organizations on how to monitor and manage their environment. The practice uses public opinion, marketing research and engagement activities to support reputation management, government and/or stakeholder relations, public consultation, communications, policy development, issues management and corporate citizenship strategies.

Here are just some of the specific capabilities and insights we’ve provided:

The Authoritarian Reflex: Will It Manifest In Canada?

A wave of authoritarian populism has been evident in Europe, Britain and the United States over the past few decades. Many Canadians are wondering how these energies might manifest in their own [...]

Undecided Voters Will Determine Alberta’s Future

Tony Coulson uses our social values data to explore the contrast between UCP and NDP partisans, and whether undecided voter values give any clues about how they might tilt on election day

Will Canadians accept a carbon tax?

For more than a decade, Environics has been tracking Canadian opinions about the environment, climate change and related issues.

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