Who we are

Our team of industry leading talent comes from a range of diverse backgrounds and experiences. With our highly collaborative office culture, we are able to combine our unique experiences with a wide range of research tools to deliver insights that are tailored to our client’s specific needs.

Barry Watson

President & CEO

In addition to his management and strategic responsibilities, Barry’s activities currently involve socio-cultural research as part of Environics’ Social Values practice.

Bernice Cheung

VP - Cultural Markets & Financial Services

Bernice works closely with our Financial Services and Market Strategy teams to build on and deliver valuable ethnic cultural insights to our clients.

Tony Coulson

Tony Coulson
Group VP - Corporate & Public Affairs

Tony leads a team of strategists, consultants and researchers to help clients understand their stakeholder environments, manage organizational reputations, and improve client satisfaction.

John Crockett

VP - Digital Innovation & Data Management

John works with clients who are seeking answers to complex business problems which often require leveraging both primary survey research and broader market intelligence.

Derek Leebosh

VP - Public Affairs

Derek works with clients in governmental and non-governmental organizations who seek a better understanding of the public opinion environment in which they operate.

David MacDonald

Group VP - Financial Services

David guides business leaders seeking to navigate the financial advisor and consumer landscapes by helping them understand the motivations and behaviours impacting their business.

Susan Seto

VP - Market Strategy

Susan draws on her contextual knowledge and applied expertise in a breadth of qualitative exploration approaches and a deep understanding of values-based motivational drivers to help clients make smart decisions.

Jodi Shanoff

VP - Consultation and Engagement

Through the use of traditional and modern consultation tools, Jodi connects decision makers with the people who are impacted by their decisions.

Robert Stel

VP - Financial Services

Robert works with Canada’s leading financial companies to better understand their brands and build value for end clients.

Vijay Wadhawan

Vijay Wadhawan
VP - Health & Wellness

Vijay works with healthcare clients to take market research insights and help turn them into strategies and tactics that provide the highest return on investment.

Jill Barber

Research Director

By applying her unique understanding of Environics’ proprietary Social Values Research and socio-cultural changes in Canada and the US, Jill is able to provide clients with highly targeted product branding, positioning, and communications strategies.

Curtis Brown

Senior Research Associate

Curtis is focused on understanding public needs and priorities, and helping clients answer key questions about how they are perceived by citizen and stakeholder audiences.

Ludmila Bullock

Senior Project Manager

Ludmila oversees our online fieldwork operations, and is responsible for supplying data collection and processing operations to ensure that the optimal balance of quality and cost efficiency is achieved.

Brittany Denham

Research Associate

Bilingual and with a passion for communications, Brittany helps to manage and provide understanding to client projects primarily in the financial services industry.

Kait Filer

Research Associate

Kait’s educational background and completion of the CSC allows her to expertly communicate key insights relating to financial services.

Jared Hildebrandt

Senior Project Manager - Digital Services

Jared ensures the proper management and implementation of a wide range of data initiatives that aid in the discovery of insight for our clients.

David Jamieson

Chief Scientist

David vets and develops new conceptual systems, methodological approaches, and analytical strategies that our teams use to solve client problems.

Natalia Kolodenko

Research Associate

Natalia employs both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to help our financial clients understand their customers’ values, needs and attitudes.

Minjung Koo

Research Associate

Specializing in advertising research and brand communication, Minjung works with consumer packaged goods clients and financial companies to deliver actionable insights.

Angel Kwong

Research Associate

With a range of experience in travel and tourism research, Angel has gained a unique perspective that informs her analysis and insights.

Nicole Pageot

Research Associate

Nicole supports opinion research and consultation streams, with a focus on qualitative research and reporting design.

Sarah Roberton

Senior Research Associate

Sarah translates research gained insights into effective communications strategies for government, private and non-profit organizations.

Samantha Robinson

Project Manager

Samantha coordinates an interdisciplinary team of programmers, analysts and researchers to assemble data that solves tough business problems.

Ahsan Sadiq

Healthcare Research Manager

Ahsan has extensive experience with a wide range of clients, from pharmaceutical companies, retailers, patient groups and patients. He assumes responsibility for much of the day-to-day co-ordination of healthcare projects.

Ben Scotland

Digital Marketing Specialist

Ben’s experience as an advertising creative has given him the unique ability to conceive of, create and coordinate Environics’ digital marketing content and communications.

Rohit Shah

Senior Project Manager - Digital Services

Rohit oversees data collection of all shapes and sizes to get his clients the information they need to make timely decisions.

Brenda Sharpe

Senior Research Associate

Brenda specializes in communicating complex research results to deliver accurate insights to clients in the public affairs sector.

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